Screening and Return Policy for Correctional Programs Books


POLICY FOR SCREENING BOOKS BEFORE SHIPMENT  Correctional Programs incorporates several ways to screen publications for correctional facilities.  The screening policy starts with the publisher.  Every publisher we use has been provided a list of topics and styles we will not accept for corrections; like no nudity, true crimes, the teaching of self-defense and acts against the government are a few of them.  Then we personally screen the books upon arrival at our secure warehouse to ensure compliance.  

In a rare case you received a book that fell into one of the mentioned categories - we will replace that individual book with no questions asked. 

POLICY FOR RETURNING BOOKS  What if a facility changes their mind and doesn’t want the entire shipment?  Although this has never happened, if it does our return policy is we will accept a return of the entire shipment under the following circumstances which must be met and agreed to…


  1. The books have not been damaged or marked upon (we will photograph the returned shipment)

  2. The receiving facility pays for the initial shipping to their facility and back to Correctional Programs.

  3. Pays a $100.00 restocking fee.

  4. An invoice outlining all charges will be sent and due 30 days after the books have been returned to Correctional Programs.

I started this company for several reasons.  One of those reasons was to assist correctional facilities to comply with policy in dealing with nationality needs for inmate populations.  Correctional Programs, like corrections, has evolved.  At the beginning we had one publisher and maintained 100 different titles.  In the past few years, we have purchased books from five different publishers and maintain 30 copies of 400 different titles.  Looking back, from having 3000 books to having up to 12,000 books in stock and still maintaining a price that is one third the cost when purchasing the same book individually, shows our commitment to correctional facilities. 







Remember, you’re our only customer, so call us, let’s discuss your needs, we’ll find a solution.

Be Safe,


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