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Some of the facilities we proudly serve.

Are You Looking For Children's

Books for your Visiting Room?  

We have them! A mix of 50 titles, all new, in English, appropriate titles for boys and girls and a mix of ages - from 3  to 18 years.

    $ 265.  includes shipping in Continental USA.                           


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Brand new!  Our Latest Collection is here.

Brand New Books

Spanish and English for males, females and children (in visiting room).
Known Authors
Screened - just for Correction Libraries

Welcome to Correctional Programs' New Website; or as we like to say Correctional Programs 2.0.


On January 1, 2007, Correctional Programs opened its doors to sell new Spanish paperback leisure reading materials to correctional facilities.  Back then we had one publisher in Mexico City and only maintained 100 different Spanish titles and at that time 100 different titles was good enough to keep business going.


After 25 wonderful years working in corrections, I felt it was time to take this website and our products to a higher level and incorporate more of my experience in corrections to further assist educational and recreational departments to accomplish their goals at the lowest possible price.  


We have all been through it, what cost center gets reprogrammed to cover the cost of overtime and staff coverage?  Most state and federal policies protect Health Services, Food Services and Religious Services from budget reductions.  Educational and Recreational budgets almost always take the hit and history will tell us many if not most disturbances occur because of inmate idleness or lack of programs.  We hope that by keeping our costs low and knowing the corrections industry, we can help you.


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