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Correctional Programs, LLC sells products for the educational and recreational needs of correctional facilities. Our ever-growing array of items includes English novels, Spanish novels and other assorted Spanish educational materials; as well as parenting videos and CD's in English and Spanish. We have a wide variety of musical instruments, equipment and supplies and, our interactive, computer based Inmate Reentry Program called "Targeting Success" has been placed in over 50 state, private and federal institutions. 

Ricky A. McIntosh founded Correctional Programs, LLC after a 25 year career in corrections where he worked at facilities in 6 states and experienced every aspect of corrections; from negotiating a hostage situation, to day-to-day management of a large staff and hosting two national industry conferences. Ricky started his career as the Athletic Director at Georgia State Penitentiary in May of 1979 and four years later in 1983 transferred to the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Recreation Specialist stationed at Petersburg, Virginia.


From there he was promoted to Recreation Supervisor at El Reno, Oklahoma. During his time at El Reno, he became the Vice President of the National Correctional Recreation Association (NCRA), and his department was highlighted in the October 1988 issue of Sports Illustrated as having the outstanding correctional recreation department in the country. He went on to be promoted to USP Marion in Illinois and FCI Fort Dix in New Jersey. He finished out his career at the United States Penitentiary, Beaumont, Texas as Unit Manager. 


A graduate of the University of Florida, Ricky went to college on an athletic scholarship and held two track and field school records at the University of Florida in the javelin and shot put. He is the recipient of All American honors as well.  In 2005 he joined Creative Corrections as Marketing Director where he oversaw the retail products sales and service. In late 2006 he merged this function into a new entity: Correctional Programs LLC.

“It is Correctional Programs' mission to fully support correctional institutions with products and services while fully understanding the mandates and guidelines under which they operate. After 25 years of being part of the industry I can now apply what I learned during my career to make life easier for those working in correctional facilities today.”

Correctional Programs Consulting


Teams Who Have “Been There”
The business of corrections is broad and deep and is the result of decades of intelligent trial and error. What works? And more importantly what doesn’t is at the core of the industry. The best practices come from teams of experienced professionals working together to assure safe, positive outcomes. 


Correctional Programs brings together just such a team to fulfill the needs of our clients. These professionals are veterans in the field of corrections and will provide you with an unbiased report based on the findings of a review. Our report will also provide (upon request) suggestions for corrective action, within the constraints of staff coverage, financial obligations and further monitoring possibilities. The conclusions and suggestions we present are strictly for your facility. 


Understanding the systems, the resources and the bottom line are critical to achieving success for your facility. We measure our success by what we achieve for our clients. 


Experienced leaders in correctional facilities, security, policy compliance, psychology, health, food service, facilities and inmate programs, and additional specialties come together under Correctional Programs LLC to provide a custom team for a custom solution to your needs. 


Focused. Deliberate. Accountable.

Our process is focused, deliberate and accountable. All Correctional Programs clients meet with the President, Ricky McIntosh a 25 year veteran of corrections to establish their individual challenges, concerns, budget and desired outcome.


Following this meeting a complete proposal is presented and includes recommendations on needed disciplines, team credentials, a timeline, outcome measurements and budget estimates. 


Call On Us:
The next time you need an outside expert, we hope you call on the Correctional Programs team.



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