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Correctional Programs 2.0

Welcome to Correctional Programs' New Website; or as we like to say Correctional Programs 2.0. On January 1, 2007, Correctional Programs opened its doors to sell Spanish paperback leisure reading materials to correctional facilities. Back then we had one publisher in Mexico City and only maintained 100 different Spanish titles and at that time 100 different titles was good enough to keep business going. After 25 wonderful years working in corrections, I felt it was time to take this website and our products to a higher level and incorporate more of my experience in corrections and assist educational and recreational departments to accomplish their goals at the lowest possible price. We have all been through it, what cost center gets reprogrammed to cover the cost of overtime and staff coverage? Most state and federal policies protects, Health Service, Food Service and Religious Services from budget reductions. Educational and Recreational budgets almost always take the hit and history will tell us many if not most disturbances occurs because of inmate idleness or lack of programs.

Our company sells new (not used) paperbacks in bulk with the minimum order of 100 different titled books. All orders are sold by lots to keep costs down while satisfying your requirements. Each book is reviewed and screened to be appropriate for a correctional facility and are stored in a secure warehouse. Our average cost per book comes to $5.75 for Spanish and $5.00 for English and now we maintain 400 different Spanish titles and over 800 different English titles. These titles rotate too so if you order multiple times we can deliver different titles each time.

We've expanded our product lines too - take a look at the reentry program (Targeting Success) musical equipment and other merchandise we offer - all just for correctional facilities. If there are other products you'd like included, just let me know.

This web site does more than sells books. In the world of corrections we all know that communications is one of the more important tools to manage an inmate population. Communication and training are also key factors in helping staff grow and improve. There are now two different sections on this site that will help training staff and connect you to other correctional professionals.

On this home page, you will notice a “News Section” that includes correctional news from around the world. We also have our “LinkedIn Connection” that will help you connect with over 600 people in the correctional field. And finally there is a section that will take and store your email address and only those people who opt-in will receive special discounts or Secret Sales as we call them. And I can assure you, your email address will never be sold to another company, ever.

Our commitment to you: Correctional Programs has gone from using one publisher 8 years ago to today having many publishers sourcing books for us all over the world. Our pledge is to continue to keep costs low, book quality high and run a company you are proud to buy from. Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Correctional Programs 2.0.

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